I work with ambitious business owners to help them to significantly boost productivity & profits, freeing up time for lucrative new projects, so they can have a less frustrating, more fulfilling business.
Create a less frustrating,
more fulfilling business
‘You already have all the time you need, you’re just not using it in the right way’

Move from Busy Fool to Brilliant Focus

Double your Profits, Double Your Time Off

Online group coaching
1 to 1 mentoring packages

Micro Business <10

If you are a Micro Business you may be looking to grow your business whilst managing your time more effectively. I can help you to:

Articulate your vision and get clarification around your goals

Develop a step-by-step road map to achieving these goals

Implement the management systems and processes necessary to grow in a stable way with less stress

Have a structure to manage your time so it doesn’t get swallowed up

Effectively delegate tasks

SME 10-20+

Running an SME can bring more complex issues to the fore, as more people are involved in the business.

You may feel like your losing touch with what is happening within your business as you rely on your first line to communicate this information to you. I can help you to put the necessary management systems in place so you can:

Lead and communicate in a way that effectively engages your employees

Know the status of your business – are you on target, ahead or behind

Know where and what the issues are, the action taking place to rectify these issues, who has this task and by when it will be fixed

​This reduces your stress and frustration and gives you more time to focus on the strategic aspects of moving your business forward.


Move from Busy Fool to Brilliant Focus
Double your Profits, Double Your Time Off

Online Group Coaching
1 to 1 Mentoring Packages


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Brilliance & dedication
We got an awful lot out of working with Paula. It’s unbelievable when I look back and remember how the business used to be before, we are so much more data driven and time aware which enables us to be safe in the knowledge that each project is profitable
Andrew Dewdney
MD of Armour Interactive
More work without stress
Working with Paula has transformed our company, we have reduced time in every aspect of our business, it is the only way if you want to expand….I can’t thank Paula enough for her determination, her brilliance in her field and her dedication to what she does.
Peter Morrow
MD of Skylark
The results don’t lie
It can be hard for a business owner to take advice on a business they started and grew, however the results don’t lie and Paula’s work ethic and attention to detail culminated in me saving one day a week on production, which meant I could concentrate on business development
Matt Bannon
The Print Depot