About Paula

It’s my mission to improve the quality of life of business owners and their employeess
Create a less frustrating,
more fulfilling business


It’s long been my mission to improve the quality of life of business owners and their employees, even back working as an engineer in the corporates I enjoyed the impact I could have on creating better work environments with less stress for everyone. I did this through Lean Methodologies and my passion for Continuous Improvement and Respect for People.

Why I do what I do

Since working with small businesses I get great job satisfaction in being able to move them from chaos to calm, from busy to productive, from loss making to profit, from frustrated to fulfilled. Giving the stressed-out business owner their life back, the time to spend with their children as they are growing up, not to feel the guilt for missing yet another football match or school play, is so rewarding and its truly why I love to do what I do.


Move from Busy Fool to Brilliant Focus
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25+ years


Paula McNicholas is a multi-award winning Lean Consultant, Business Coach, Strategist and Engineer with 28 years experience, who brings big business thinking to small businesses across all sectors.

Bringing big business thinking
to small businesses.

Recipient of the Lean Consultant of the Year Award

Her experience in the automotive industry, firstly in Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motors then Jaguar Land Rover, was instrumental in developing her skillset around lean productivity, leadership and culture change. She was successful at delivering multi-million dollar savings for these companies before leaving all that behind to move to the coast of Co. Mayo in the beautiful West of Ireland. Her coaching and consultancy business has gone from strength to strength over the last 10 years, culminating in her most recent accolade, the Lean Consultant of the Year award.

She is married with 2 teenage boys and 10 cats!

Don’t just take my word for it…


Brilliance & dedication
We got an awful lot out of working with Paula. It’s unbelievable when I look back and remember how the business used to be before, we are so much more data driven and time aware which enables us to be safe in the knowledge that each project is profitable
Andrew Dewdney
MD of Armour Interactive
More work without stress
Working with Paula has transformed our company, we have reduced time in every aspect of our business, it is the only way if you want to expand….I can’t thank Paula enough for her determination, her brilliance in her field and her dedication to what she does.
Peter Morrow
MD of Skylark
The results don’t lie
It can be hard for a business owner to take advice on a business they started and grew, however the results don’t lie and Paula’s work ethic and attention to detail culminated in me saving one day a week on production, which meant I could concentrate on business development
Matt Bannon
The Print Depot